Tuesday 20 November 2007


I set the iPM team the challenge of getting hold of the President of Iran to talk about uranium, US foreign policy, and nuclear power to discuss his blog for their Saturday programme. I reckon the opportunity to momentarily escape the whirlwind of international politics and have a cosy chat with Eddie Mair would be too good to miss. Surely.


Unknown said...


At the moment, the President of Iran is unable to speak to us. He has other plans this week. We tried the VP too - and he too had other plans. Busy lots these Iranians. So it's not looking good at the minute. Besides, I hopeful that we'll have something enlightening from Iraq on Saturday - granted it's not Iran, so the blog chat might have to wait for another day.

Daniel Bennett said...

Shame. So many plans. Might be worth keeping track of. I'm particularly hoping the President will post the results of the work done by his 'trusted students' on the analysis of the messages he's received. Looking forward to the Iraq piece.

Anonymous said...

Dan, better news..stand by your beds/bunker..

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