Thursday 20 December 2007

Does the BJTC know how a blog works?

One of the reasons I'm keeping this blog is so I can better understand the trials and tribulations of the blogger. Regularly posting on a blog is hard work, but if you want to make a blog work there has to be a steady stream of new information for your readers.

Some particularly prolific bloggers post up to 10 or 20 times day. Given the number of blogs I'm currently trying to track I'm not sure I can keep up with blogs who post this often, but I reckon the six day gap between my last post is pretty unacceptable by good blogging standards.

I have been at a conference for the last couple of days and I've effectively decided that as of today I'm on holiday for Christmas but I thought I ought to make sure I've got at least one post up this week.

I feel that I'm better than some though: the Broadcast Journalism Training Council's blog was last updated in May 2007 making a mockery of it's claim to be:
"A commentary, a listening post, swapping and testing ideas, analytical, chatty, even gossipy, occasionally funny, hopefully rarely boring."
It's hard to fulfil most of these goals if you've only posted twice in the last 6 months!


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