Monday 18 August 2008

Links for today: Media

  • 'Mission to Explain': Sounding a little bit like John Birt and Peter Jay in the 1970s, Jay Rosen reckons that journalists should make explanation, rather than information their number one priority.
  • Jeff Jarvis wonders whether editors are a necessary luxury item. He thinks 'yes' but reckons the role of editor will need to change:
"There is still a role for editors, but it changes. There is a need to add context and fill holes in understanding - by using links. As we move from an economy of scarcity in media to one of abundance, there is a need to curate: to find the best and brightest from an infinite supply of witnesses, commentators, photographers and experts. As news becomes collaborative, editors will need to assemble networks from among staff and the public; that makes them community organisers. I also believe editors should play educator, helping to improve the work of the network."
  • More evidence of bloggers acting as a 'fifth estate'. Here they point out some holes in a story about a 93 year old author. (Though in this case the BBC's Chris Vallance does an equally good job.)
  • Paul Bradshaw flags up an article in a book - I know, how quaint - on the way political bloggers 'routinise' their work.


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