Friday 2 January 2009

BBC and blogs in December (last month's reading this year)

Happy New Year!

Back at work then, though blogging will still be sporadic while I await delivery of a new laptop. (These efforts were in vain). Some undergraduate essays on the Experience of War are keeping me entertained in the mean time.

Just been catching up on some reading. Here's what I've found...
  • I got a great comment on my piece about the end of Island Blogging which is better than the post itself because it's written by an Island blogger. The Island bloggers have a new website here.
  • The BBC World Have Your Say blog asks readers what they want to see on the blog. And explain why they've been deleting some comments recently.
  • The BBC Blog network has another new blog called 'Journalism Labs'. In it's first post it publishes the results of an experiment with Apture linking on the BBC website. This E-Consultancy website claims the BBC still doesn't know how to link out.
  • BBC News blogs guru Giles Wilson defends the BBC against accusations in the Daily Mail that the BBC's blogs do not conform to the organisation's high journalistic ideals. There are some interesting comments here as well representing a wide range of views on the Corporation's blog offering.
  • Kevin Marsh at the BBC's College of Journalism tells us what he's learnt this year. Among other things, he learnt that the BBC was blogging without realising it:
"We did a lot of work in the middle of the year around how organisations use networking to support learning. It was good work, but it overlooked one thing; BBC journalists were already sharing learning, links and intelligence like crazy - millions of transactions a day amongst the 8,000 or so journalists. They were writing stuff that was in every respect blogging ... it's just that no-one called it that."


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