Tuesday 26 May 2009

BBC's World Have Your Say tweet editorial meeting

The World Have Your Say team at the BBC provided twitter updates from their daily editorial meeting earlier today.

Audience input is already entirely central to what WHYS do, but this idea has the potential to further erode the gatekeeping model. (Even if editor, Mark Sandell, still retains control evident in a nice touch at number 8.)

These tweets are in reverse order (obviously). So you need to start at the bottom. (Blogger has not unhelpfully insisted on numbering them for some unknown reason).
  1. Ok Shaimaa's delegating. the meetings wrapping up but we'll meet again at 1500 for a catch up. get in touch if you want to share your views
  2. do we need our BBC religious correspondent to guide the conversation? we think we need an independent voice
  3. Tom cruise would be a good get.! he's post on the you tube. How do you find scientologists?
  4. we've got to be careful not to get too bogged down in the fine details of scientology&make sure they are not ridiculed.wise works from Mark
  5. ok Scientology wins - now we are tryng to get a senior voice on scientology on
  6. ok's it s vote time - do you have the the right to refuse medical treatment for your child? or Is scientology a religion?
  7. Amy's about the sneeze - but it's not coming out! hold up
  8. marks explaining the fundamentals of WHYS to work experience student Saad...who's trying to get Kind Abdullah on the programme
  9. wasn't there a big scientology case in Germany last year?
  10. we're trying to figure out whether we've done a show on medical treatment and religious rights....have we done this recently?
  11. ok down to scientology vs medical treatment....we're thinking of bidding a high profile scientologist for another show
  12. another suggest.....what about Sri Lanka - what hapens when the wars over? not sure if this beats our top 3
  13. amy's suggesting whether tourism is doing more harm than good in maintaining a country's culture but Ros is doing a documentary on this too
  14. 3) is a degree worth it? it's been brewing since last week. costs a lot, recessions deep...but is it a story beyond the UK?
  15. 2) is scientology a religion?
  16. 2) on scientology - it's on trial in France......
  17. 3 main questions 1) do you have the right to refuse medical treatment for your child? ....
  18. the team members are going to start posting their on the blog too so you can see our thought processes - we're hoping to test this tomorrow
  19. we're discussing out how to format our blog - what needs improving? we're thinking of making talking points tighter. top 3 stories only
  20. Nina is with us from the Citizen Journalism Project at the BBC. it's sadly closing down due to funding but we still want your stories
  21. Europe Today discussing Ethnic Profiling- see the blog if you're interested
  22. Shaima again, my husband and I got talking about the degree being irrelevant issue. He wants to do an MA and the question shook him up a bit
  23. meeting starts in 20 minutes!
  24. Krupa here: We're trying something new today... I'll be tweeting during the meeting. you can help us decide what to discuss tonight.


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