Monday 15 June 2009

Tweet of the day on journalism

I know it's pretty early on in Monday's grand scheme but this is a classic from journalist Rob Crilly:
'Interesting talk with one of my editors last week. "That job is too junior for you, mostly online stuff." Some papers still don't get it'
I think I might end up referencing some of these sort of nuggets in the PhD, which will probably mean making up my own reference system.

I doubt they'll be much guidance in my King's College handbook. After all, it tells me that when citing Internet sources:
"You should beware when using information from the internet as it can be easily changed (hacked), often does not give an author [?] and is consequently not authoritative. However, if you [yes, you. You crazy 21st Century researcher] do want to cite internet sources [pretty unavoidable I'm afraid when you're researching blogging] it is worthwhile seeking a copy of the source as well [ha - print your blog for me please...], or as a last resort printing and keeping a copy of the internet information [!] (which could be shown to the external examiner if necessary [let's hope it's not for the sake of the rainforests, my sanity and the external examiner's summer holiday])."


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