Tuesday 7 July 2009

Seven fours are...

I've been transcribing a couple of research interviews over the last couple of days. Here's a classic quote from a participant who shall remain nameless:
"But again they send out four emails a day at least and they build up nicely. That’s seven fours...are 36. That’s 36 a week."
Unlikely to make it into the final cut for the PhD, but by way of background it does go some way to explaining why they're doing journalism and not helping us clamber out of the financial crisis.

(Then again, maybe it was this sort of numerical 'skill'...)

In the 'stuff I've bookmarked' section:

  • Web pioneer Marc Andreessen to fund blogging investigative journalism initiative.
Tweets of the Week (so far)
  • How the sophisticated news consumer curates news and information.
  • And this one caught my eye: "Conclusion from a chat with regional station editor: there's a lot of "pressure" for journos/editors to use twitter/social media tools..."
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