Monday 16 November 2009

Social media roles and anonymous blogging

Media creates social media roles

BBC appoints Alex Gubbay to the position of BBC News Social Media Editor. He'll take up the job in January.

(I notice that Ruth Barnett, former Twitter Correspondent, at Sky News has also had her job title renamed at some point - she's now Sky's Social Media Correspondent.)

Congrats to everyone.

Instant Twitter reaction from past and present BBC staffers on Gubbay's appointment seemed to be positive (although putting out anything else other than that probably wouldn't have been too clever).

A BBC insider (should have) said: "Everyone was pleased that during this particular appointment process Gubbay found out he had got the job before the rest of the world."

Anonymous blogging

After successfully uncovering Night Jack and Girl With a One Track Mind, The Times and the Sunday Times are continuing their campaign to systematically 'out' every anonymous blogger on the Web.

Ok, I jest. That's not strictly true.

In this latest case, Belle de Jour, who led a secret life as a blogging prostitute, did come forward to the Sunday Times voluntarily to reveal her identity as research scientist, Dr Brooke Magnanti.

You do wonder how voluntarily the voluntarily bit was though given that: "...she decided to reveal her secret because it was making her paranoid, and she feared that an ex-boyfriend might reveal Belle’s true identity".

And according to India Knight "nearly every media organisation in Britain has thrown its resources at outing her".

And in a Twitter update Belle de Jour said she went to The Sunday Times "willingly" after the "Mail had their reporters warned off my work premises by the police". sounds like Dr Magnanti unmasked herself under no external pressure whatsoever.

It's all making me nervous. How long will it be before The Times family track down my anonymous blog?


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