Monday 8 February 2010

Links on the BBC and blogging

BBC and blogs
  • The BBC has started a new arts blog written by Will Gompertz. He's just been appointed arts editor for BBC News.
  • The BBC's Mark Devenport blogs out of hours to cover the late night power-sharing deal in Northern Ireland:
"Many moons ago when I started this game I vowed not to blog out of office hours, but here I am at 11.30 pm tapping away at my keyboard. My excuse? I am in my office in the Stormont basement and upstairs in Room 315 the DUP assembly team is meeting. They started arriving around 10 pm tonight for what it's fair to assume is an extraordinary late night meeting to consider the deal."
  • BBC Editor Jon Williams considers media restrictions in Iraq. Attention may now be focussed on Afghanistan but Williams highlights that reporting Iraq remains problematic. He is particularly concerned about these new plans:
"The Iraqi authorities are demanding journalists reveal their sources in response to complaints, in violation of the journalist's age-old responsibility to protect those who come to us with stories. And they want to prevent the international media from reporting stories that might incite violence or sectarianism, but have failed to clarify what constitutes 'incitement' or 'sectarianism'"
  • Here's a blogging survey conducted in Myanmar (Burma). (Most bloggers use Blogger, some Wordpress, 7/10 are male, most are under the age of 35. More here...)
And finally...
  • If you've ever put together a piece of TV news (and even if you haven't), you need to make sure you don't miss this from Charlie Brooker.


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