Thursday 17 March 2011

How blogs have changed journalism

Felix Salmon, a Reuters blogger, considers how blogs have changed journalism. Among other things, he notes:

  • "I find pretty big differences in how I write, depending on whether it’s for a traditional media outlet or for the blog. I have a more conversational voice on the blog — I think of any given post as being part of a much broader conversation between bloggers and between me and my readers."
  • "The main impact I think is the way that blog reporting can iterate. In traditional media, you report the story and then you publish it; with blogs, you can start with something much less fully formed and then come back at it over time in many ways and from many angles."
  • "Blogging has clearly given readers a much wider range of news sources to choose from, and it’s great that readers are no longer confined to getting their news from a handful of outlets." 
  • [Twitter] has "massively increased the velocity of news: people now know what’s going on before it’s formally reported." 
  • "In general, news sites are becoming bloggier, with more assiduous editorial standards, while big blog sites are becoming newsier; that trend is likely to continue."
I have just the odd thought tucked away here and there on this issue, but all in good time...


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