Friday 14 November 2008

Links for today: Blogging and the BBC

  • If you want to write a great blog you need to write for a tribe says Seth Godin. (I find myself wondering who might be in my tribe and if I want the role of writing or indeed 'leading' them. I reckon my tribe would lose in a fight to the Huffington Post tribe though.)
  • Paul Bradshaw has been having a go at defining blogging, or at least defining what news blogging should be. You'll find my views in the comments.
Unconventional mid-bullet aside - Steve's the BBC's blogger in residence. I met Steve the other week at a College of Journalism event and he already says he has way too much to do. Over a rather good lunch, he said we should take more risks on our blogs and be less concerned about what we published.

So in a post coming tomorrow: 'All the "this is totally off the record", "that's unbloggable", "please don't include", "you won't be passing this to the Daily Mail will you" conversations I've been privy to since the start of the project'....hmm...don't get your hopes up.)


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