Wednesday 26 November 2008

Future of Journalism Conference at the BBC

I'm tweeting/twittering/make up your own verb the sessions if you want to follow what's going on. (I say 'follow' - it doesn't make great coverage if we're honest but I know at least one person who's interested.)

I was hoping to CoveritLive for the Online Journalism Blog, but let's just say there was a significant technical problem.

We've done:
Multiplatform Reporting from the Field - The challenges of serving all news outlets with David Shukman, Jeremy Cooke and Guy Pelham, chaired by Luisa Baldini
The Newsroom of the Future - What skills a newsroom journalist will need to have in five years time. Pete Clifton and Paul Bradshaw debate with Louise Minchin

And to come today:

1430 - 1600
Blogging and the Future of Breaking News - Robert Peston, Paul Fletcher and Giles Wilson, on the increasing importance of the blog for BBC news and sport journalists.
1630 - 1730
The Box and the US08 Bus - Examples of the biggest BBC multimedia events so far. Jeremy Hillman on tracking the business and economics unit's container box. Steve Titherington of Global News discusses the coverage of the BBC US08 election bus. Chaired by Ros Atkins, presenter of World Have Your Say.


Anonymous said...

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