Monday 8 December 2008

Research Update

My laptop's gone down.

At first I wondered whether it had been a victim of the Home Office's security machine, which I went through last week, but apparently laptops pass safely through here all the time.

So I'm not sure what caused this rather frustrating sudden loss of power, but not being able to switch the thing on is a fairly fundamental problem.

I have made a couple of (amateur) efforts to fix it. It's not the power supply or the battery. And the old favourite - unscrew everything, take it apart, fiddle, and put it together again (twice) - didn't provide a permanent solution either.

Fortunately, I managed to salvage my work before it went under.

In the meantime, I'm borrowing a friend's laptop, but it takes so much longer to do everything when you don't have your bookmarks, etc.

Research progress has slowed.


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