Thursday 1 October 2009

Links I've dredged from the morass on the usual subjects

  • BBC News is like a "factory" according to former news presenter Peter Sissons.
  • North America Editor, Mark Mardell, demonstrates how not to liveblog Obama's maiden address to the UN. File under 'Technology FAIL'.
  • BBC political journalists get involved with Twitter just in time for conference season (and the impending general election no doubt.)
  • Kristine Lowe: How blogs transformed and challenged mainstream media coverage of the financial crisis:
'"Mainstream media reporting of finance and business is still important in that it keeps everyone updated with data releases and breaking news. But its relevance and timeliness more or less stop there, and bloggers step in to fill in on the rest," said Dana Chen, a financial blogger and former analyst who is currently involved in a finance news launch. Indeed, more and more people find that, in their chosen fields, specialist blogs cover issues more in-depth than traditional media. It has certainly been my experience as a media journalist that blogs such as Professor Piet Bakker's Newspaper Innovation and venture capitalist Fred Wilson's A VC cover their chosen subjects better and more consistently than their mainstream media (MSM) counterparts.'
  • Kuwait censors 'terror' blogs according to AFP.

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