Tuesday 6 April 2010

More evidence of the merger between blogging and journalism

A new survey by PR Week found that 52% of bloggers [in the US, I think but might also include Canada] consider themselves to be journalists. This left me wondering what the other 48% of bloggers considered themselves to be. Perhaps, just bloggers.

Nevertheless, it led to an interesting post by Simon Columbus on why he considers himself a writer rather than a blogger or a journalist.

The study also suggested - perhaps rather obviously - that print and magazine journalists use blogs and Twitter less for research than their blogging counterparts:
"While 91% of bloggers and 68% of online reporters "always" or "sometimes" use blogs for research, only 35% of newspaper and 38% of print magazine journalists suggested the same."
"Newspaper and print magazine reporters also source Twitter less frequently than their media counterparts, with 19% and 22% saying they have used a Twitter post in a story. This is sharply different from bloggers (55%), online magazine/news (42%) and even TV news (48%)."


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