Monday 18 July 2011

Blogging from Afghanistan, Twitter during Mumbai and bonus stats section

A few bits and pieces that have caught my eye...

'RAF Airman' blog
  • Some interesting posts building on this blog documenting RAF Airman's deployment to Afghanistan. Recently he's been trying to "spot the gorilla"....and also the guerrilla maybe.
Twitter and Mumbai
  • The Economist had an interesting piece about the development of social media crisis communications during the Mumbai bombings. 
  • It was similar in theme to something I wrote for the Frontline Club about the evolution of Twitter use when comparing the 2008 attacks with those in 2011.
The 'random stats' section (as promised)
  • Twitter: "There were 224 Tweets sent on July 15, 2006. Today, users send that many Tweets in less than a tenth of a second."
  • Social Media: "FTSE 100 companies: 56% have official Twitter account, 41% use YouTube and 38% use Facebook"


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