Tuesday 10 June 2008

Blogging hoo-ha in Australia

I missed this last month, but then I haven't seen anyone else in the UK commenting on it either:

In a nutshell: A couple of Liberal Party members were slating the parliamentary leader of the Liberal Party, Ted Baillieu, in the state of Victoria on an anonymous blog from inside the party's headquarters. I imagine the pair politely bidding him 'good morning' while tapping out this (genuine) scathing post from behind the computer screen:
"With ambition not seen since the early life of Mao Tse Tung; with paranoia not
seen since the time of Emperor Tiberius; and a proclivity for nepotism not seen
since the papel court of Pope Innocent the tenth - Red Ted is the ultimate
hypocrite. If you think about it for a moment Ted Baillieu has many of the
attributes of a Roman Emperor, except greatness."
The two party members were found out by another blogger who broke the story, and the pair were subsequently sacked.

(P.S. For legal reasons, I must add that although I haven't spoken to him, Ted Baillieu would, I'm sure, deny these allegations.)


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