Monday 9 June 2008

Pressing the button: once it's published, it's published

Ruth Gledhill, the Times religion correspondent, publishes a blog post, then deletes it, finds it has been republished on another blog and then asks for it to be removed. Which it was. But it's still there of course in Google cache. (Via Adrian Monck).

Which is interesting because these 'ooops-I-probably-shouldn't-have-published-that' moments potentially make great news stories for journalists. You'd think journalists might realise this and take a little care over pressing the 'publish' button, but apparently they're still learning.


Ruth Gledhill said...

Thank you. Google have now removed the article from their cache at my request, they could not have been more helpful. Regards, Ruth

Ruth Gledhill said...

ps I probably shld do something about this pic...

Daniel Bennett said...

That's interesting to know about Google cache. I wanted to find out if it was possible to remove things but hadn't had time to investigate.

(No doubt I'll publish something one day I'll have second thoughts about.)

Though you might be interested to know I download RSS feeds which in some cases allows me to keep copies of blog posts even after they have been deleted from the Web and Google cache. I still have all the posts of a blog that was taken down earlier in the year. (I wasn't subscribed to your blog so I don't have further copies of your post btw).

No reason in all this to delete the picture though, surely!

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