Wednesday 11 June 2008

'Terror Blog Live': Blogging the debate on 42 days

Channel 4 News is live blogging the House of Commons debate and the vote on whether to extend the terror detention limit to 42 days. You can follow it here. The debate began at 3pm, the vote's at 6pm and the result is due around 7pm.

Channel 4 are using CoverItLive, a piece of software which allows you to do exactly what it says on the virtual tin, (though when I tried it a few months back it crashed my laptop and everything was a little less than live...but given that Channel 4 will be able to factor out my laptop I'm sure they won't have these problems).

And after you've had your fill of that live debate you can watch another one. The Frontline Club will be asking whether the Taliban are winning in Afghanistan from 7.30pm.


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