Thursday 4 September 2008

The cycle of a news story

Ok, so I liked Alison Gow's post about the lifecycle of a news story in the 21st Century.

I thought it would be worth combining with some of Paul Bradshaw's ideas in a Model for a 21st Century Newsroom.

I thought I might have a punt at visualising the news process as a cycle, rather than as a diamond or in a linear fashion.

I thought it might help reveal how the news story is 'unfinished', non-linear, and has the potential to regularly be adjusted by the interactivity offered by the Web.

I'm not sure I've entirely succeeded in what I thought, but I came up with this fine mess instead (if you click on it, it'll open so you can actually see it):

And after all, maybe journalism has become more of a mess than it used to be. Your comments most appreciated.

(I haven't included all the additional details available on Paul and Alison's posts of how journalists might achieve each stage because it was getting quite cramped already and they've covered most methods in any case.)


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