Monday 15 September 2008

Links for today: BBC

  • An interview with Richard Sambrook, Director of the Global News Division in the Media Guardian:
"People say the BBC is expanding too fast and is overly aggressive. I see it the other way around, that we're in danger of falling behind because we're unable to keep up with what is going on out there. We've got to move as fast as we can. It would be a very peculiar time for the BBC to pull back from its international role. It's absolutely the time when the BBC should be moving forward internationally rather than moving back."
  • Alfred Hermida reports the opinions of Peter Horrocks, head of the multimedia newsroom, on changes to the BBC's newsroom. Stephen Mitchell, head of multimedia programmes, had his say on multimedia at the BBC in last week's Independent.
  • How to search discussions about the BBC on Facebook courtesy of Murray Dick, who trains BBC journalists in online research techniques.


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