Friday 5 September 2008

Links for today: Moult, the Mail and loose ends

  • This is a story about Julie Moult, of the Daily Mail, who wrote a poor article about Google-bombing. It's something of a warning to 'old media': respond to comments (and employ some basic fact-checking) or 'new media' will make you look silly. Very silly. (But remember folks it's not a war and we should all be working together...)
  • BBC's Evan Davis 'defends' Chancellor. Somewhere here is the line between personal opinion and professional judgement. See if you can spot it...
  • The EU wants to 'clarify' the position of blogs. That means 'labelling' them and sorting out their legal status etc.
  • A different model for journalism. Pitch a story and raise funds direct from the audience to report it.


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