Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The blog as scrapbook

A while ago, I interviewed Stuart Hughes, Defence and Security Producer at the BBC about his blog. I'm just transcribing it now.

In the interview, he describes his blog as a "scrapbook" - "a scrapbook for all the stuff that falls on the floor when you're working".

I've never heard anyone else describe a blog like this. Maybe a blog is more of an interactive scrapbook but I like the idea.


hipbone said...

Tom Barnett has used his blog on occasion to footnote his published works, or note pieces which were not included in the published version of a book but retain background interest...

Same general principle, and a neat adjunct to the idea of "the book" I'd say.

Graham Holliday said...

Thoughts of scrapbooks and all that... this might interest you

Washing line/scrapbook. Same difference.

Daniel Bennett said...

Ta both. (Just as long as you don't try to use a real scrapbook as a washing line and vice versa.)

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