Wednesday 15 October 2008

The blog as scrapbook

A while ago, I interviewed Stuart Hughes, Defence and Security Producer at the BBC about his blog. I'm just transcribing it now.

In the interview, he describes his blog as a "scrapbook" - "a scrapbook for all the stuff that falls on the floor when you're working".

I've never heard anyone else describe a blog like this. Maybe a blog is more of an interactive scrapbook but I like the idea.


Charles Cameron (hipbone) said...

Tom Barnett has used his blog on occasion to footnote his published works, or note pieces which were not included in the published version of a book but retain background interest...

Same general principle, and a neat adjunct to the idea of "the book" I'd say.

Graham Holliday said...

Thoughts of scrapbooks and all that... this might interest you

Washing line/scrapbook. Same difference.

Daniel Bennett said...

Ta both. (Just as long as you don't try to use a real scrapbook as a washing line and vice versa.)

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