Thursday 16 October 2008

Links for today: Blogging and the BBC

  • Paul Bradshaw is blogging a series on how journalists are using blogs. Which is the same as what I'm doing really. So pretty darn useful. Here's Part One and you can use your own Internet initiative to find the others.
  • Using a quote designed for Search Engine Optimisation, Andrew Neil says blogs are 'print journalism pornography'. He also said blogs were "entertaining". But in the race for the spot in's headline, this quote was clearly never in the running.
  • Shane Richmond at the Telegraph has been asking the website's bloggers why they don't engage in comments.
  • John Simpson says the future of the BBC is bleak. But he is kind of fond of the place.
  • Re: Peston and that pesky blog. We've been here before - I pulled this article out of the World Wide bag the other day.
  • And while we're on the topic Peter Preston in the Guardian says danger is lurking for the BBC's bloggers.
  • Alfred Hermida on the BBC reaching out in online conversations.


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