Monday 20 October 2008

RSS: Ssshhh...don't tell anybody, they might start using it

Iain Dale recently asked his readers a few questions on his blog. He got 1,100 responses. Here's one of the questions and the results:
"How do you read the blog[?]

* 15% via an RSS reader
* 61% via your favourites on your toolbar
* 10% via another site
* 15% by typing the domain name each time"
I am intrigued that as many people type in the domain name each time as use an RSS feed. When will RSS go mainstream? Who's promoting it? Who's teaching it? Does it get taught in schools? Is RSS really that complicated? Does it need simplifying further? Or is it just a case that it's not that useful for most people?

It seems to me that people stumble across RSS by chance - one journalist I spoke to the other day said she only discovered Google Reader when she was shown how to use RSS feeds by her flatmate.


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