Monday 21 January 2008

Keeping up with the bloggers

It's easy to get behind in the blogosphere. I've been away for a three and a half days and now I've got at least 1000 blog posts to trawl through to get myself back up to date. I'll post later in the day if I find anything interesting...


Nixon said...

I absolutely know the feeling. Forunately, my addictive personality allows me to keep up pretty well. I guess blogs are more constructive than consuming gross amounts of alcohol, er sometimes.

Anonymous said...

What I don't quite understand is how people with 'real' jobs keep up with them all! I mean sometimes I struggle and this is part of my full-time work. I'm lucky to be doing research which means I get to explore the blogosphere though. Thanks for the link on your site. I'm hoping to have a good read of your blog sometime today...or maybe tomorrow!

Nixon said...


Working in Iraq I have:

1) Nowhere to go to
2) Not allowed to drink or have fun by any stretch of the imagination
3) I don't work out, so that frees up an hour every day
4) No ladies to meet
5) No family

So if you are willing to have no life, you can keep up with the blogosphere and have a real job just fine ;)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you can help me then. What I've been trying to work out is why the Brits in Iraq (not so many left now but still) and Afghanistan don't blog. There are a fair number of US Forces blogs. But so far I've found three active British milblogs and I'm trying to find out why there are so few. I'm assuming that like you most of them don't have a ready supply of fun activities either. Do they not have the same access to the Web as you guys? Or is it just that blogs are so much bigger in the States?

Nixon said...

My simplistic analysis would be: "The Brits are allowed to drink!". We're a bunch of puritans on the US side, d'oh! I don't know about any other British milblogs out there though. I'm sure there would be some awesome stories from Basrah. I'll keep an eye out and let you know if I find any.

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