Thursday 24 January 2008

Video of killing of young woman in Mosul, Iraq

Mohammed, at Last of Iraqis, has put up a video apparently of a religiously motivated killing in Mosul, Northern Iraq last year.

Mohammed claims that the young woman, called Doa'a, ran off with a Muslim and converted to Islam. On her return, she was stoned to death by angry members of the Yazidi religion. Mohammed says he's got hold of the video of this killing.

(WARNING: The video on the post contains very disturbing pictures. But it does not play automatically when you open the link.)

According to Mohammed, the young woman was a member of the Yazidi religion. The Yazidis are mostly ethnic Kurds living in the Northern city of Mosul. (Tensions between the Yazidis and Muslims in this area were reported by the BBC in August and September 2007.)

There was some limited coverage of what may be the same incident at the end of this BBC report.

"Tensions between the Yazidi sect and local Muslims have grown since a Yazidi girl was reportedly stoned by her community in April for converting to Islam."

I've emailed Mohammed and am hoping to confirm that this refers to the same incident. Mohammed cannot guarantee the authenticity of the video but he's pretty sure its genuine from the dress of the people in the video.

I've received a reply from Mohmamed and he believes the BBC report does refer to the same incident.


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