Wednesday 7 May 2008

Advance warning

I fear my blogging output may become more erratic over the coming weeks. (Hence, the lack of pretty photos and any longer posts in recent times.)

This is what happens when you start another blog (new post for this coming later today) and when you really have to get on with researching and writing an erudite piece of literature that is directly relevant to the PhD.

But hopefully my blog won't reach this rather concerning state of affairs.

I'm informed by other PhD students at King's that spending several months researching an interesting topic which is totally irrelevant to your PhD thesis is a completely normal and acceptable practice (as long you get back on track at some point in three or four years).

In my case, I'd like to think I hadn't strayed too far from the target. But recently, I've got rather too involved with researching milblogging or the lack of it in the UK.

Most of my work in this area is unlikely to make the final thesis, so I need to rein myself in and focus on what I'm supposed to be doing.


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