Tuesday 6 May 2008

Origins of Blogging at the BBC

I'm putting together some information about the early days of blogging at the BBC. Here's a collection of links if you're interested in where blogging at the BBC began.

Nick Robinson

1. The first official BBC pseudo-blog was Nick Robinson's The Campaign Today. A regularly updated diary of the 2001 General Election.

2. This led to Newslog, which specifically cited the influence of weblogs on the format...

3. ...and it became the first piece of the ever-expanding BBC Blog Network puzzle in late 2005.


1. Meanwhile BBC Scotland Interactive was leading experiments with blogs at the organisation. This is Scotblog which started in 2002. It provided interesting links to web content with a few lines of commentary. It even had an RSS feed - something Nick Robinson wasn't offering back in 2002.

2. Producers also worked with the Scottish Executive on a project encouraging Scottish Islanders to start up their own blogs. It's still going strong.

Reports and reviews of these projects considered important issues that would feed into the BBC's overall blogging strategy.

Personal Blogs

1. Away from the official BBC website, BBC journalists were keeping their own personal blogs. Stuart Hughes wrote about reporting the war in Iraq in 2003.

2. Martin Belam writes about how he discovered blogs by reading those of his BBC colleagues in the new media team. (Martin's series on these early developments is a must read for interested parties).


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