Tuesday 13 May 2008

Journalism: what is it now and where next?

1. Networked says Charlie Beckett
'A kind of journalism where the rigid distinctions of the past, between professional and amateur, producer and product, audience and participation, are deliberately broken down. It embraces permeability and multi-dimensionality.' (Beckett via

2. Networked says Jeff Jarvis
'“Networked journalism” takes into account the collaborative nature of journalism now: professionals and amateurs working together to get the real story, linking to each other across brands and old boundaries to share facts, questions, answers, ideas, perspectives. It recognizes the complex relationships that will make news.'

3. Never finished says Adam Tinworth
'If you were to ask a group of people what words they associate with journalism, I'd lay odds that "deadline" would be in there somewhere. But we're moving into a post-deadline age, when the publishing time is now, and then as soon as you have new information. Or a new conversation. Or a new contribution.'

4. Defined by itself says Alfred Hermida (rather cryptically)
'It is time to stop thinking about a journalism defined by the means of distribution. It is time to start thinking about a journalism defined by the journalism itself. In other words, how best to tell stories and reach audiences, using the most suitable tools across a multiplicity of platforms.'

6. Doesn't exist anymore says Martin Bell
'Informed journalism is taking second place to salaciously reported crime and celebrity: what I call "necro news".'

7. Too much churnalism not enough journalism says Nick Davies

8. A conversation says Dan Gillmor
‘Tomorrow’s news reporting and production will be more of a conversation or a seminar.’

9. No doubt a few other ideas will be thrown around at the Future of News conference which is being broadcast live over the next couple of days.


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