Friday 23 May 2008

Trying to make research methods exciting since October 2007 (1)

Academic research methods is not my area of speciality. But I'm told that one of the tenets of producing a good PhD thesis is the notion that your research is open to scrutiny and that the sources you use are clearly identified. This is why theses are littered with footnotes.

Today, you can scrutinise some of the sources I am using while I am doing the project, rather than waiting for something to be published. If you look at my Delicious side bar you can see what I've recently bookmarked for my research project.

Often these links are relevant to something I'm writing about at the time meaning you can follow my research in real time, (sort of), (and, yes, I can't think why you'd want to either...but in theory it does mean greater academic openness).

Or you can go to my delicious homepage for a comprehensive list of many of the key web pages that I'll be including in the research.

If you think I'm missing anything let me know!


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