Thursday 15 May 2008

Links for today: China and Searching the Web

More reaction on Twitter, Blogging and the China Earthquake

  • Death toll rises alarmingly.
  • Twitter backlash begins - it was useful but let's not get ahead of ourselves.
  • The Times reports that Chinese bloggers reckon somebody should have known this earthquake was going to happen. After all, when over a million butterflies migrate (who counted them?), frogs show up on the streets of Mianyang and 80,000 tonnes of water disappear from a (surprisingly large) 'pond', that clearly says 'earthquake imminent'.
Searching the Web - moving towards quality not quantity
  • Not content with inventing the World Wide Web (honestly, I'd have sat back and decided that sort of achievement was not likely to beaten), Sir Tim Berners-Lee and some of his friends have been given some money for a Transparent Journalism project. They're attempting to develop a way to 'source tag' news articles, which would be included in online searches. So, for example, you could filter out all news articles that weren't based on eyewitness accounts.
  • While we're on this theme, try checking out It's a search engine that attempts to search the web semantically.


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