Wednesday 6 February 2008

I used to write 'history' - where Culture Secretaries never change.

I'm finding that keeping up to date is less of a losing battle; more a state of permanent defeat. At the beginning of January, I started a draft introduction for my research project on blogging. After a few weeks of reading around some of the issues I was missing out, I went back to this early draft.

This morning, I was having a quick read through my original effort, (while trying to ignore the noise from a huge construction vehicle stripping the road outside.) Several paragraphs down I arrived at a small section on Culture Secretary James Purnell's plans for public service broadcasting in the UK.

Seeing as Mr Purnell's now moved to the Department of Work and Pensions, I fear most of this is rather redundant and will have to be scrapped. I don't even know who the new Culture Secretary is...It must be Wikipedia time.


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