Thursday 14 February 2008

A letter to Condoleezza Rice

Today, Condoleezza Rice has been told by President George Bush to visit Kenya in an effort to help find a peaceful solution to the post-election crisis engulfing the country.

Last week, the very same US Secretary of State was in Afghanistan visiting troops in Kandahar with British Foreign Secretary David Miliband. (They've clearly grasped the 'standing shoulder-to-shoulder' routine).

But one British RAF servicemen at Kandahar wasn't too enamoured by Rice's visit and has written her a 'blog-letter' with a few gentle "pointers" for next time she shows up on a military base. Advice includes:
  • "Please dress accordingly - on a base full of people wearing nothing but camo/combat clothing, arriving [in] a business suit is going to 'stand out' somewhat."
For the whole letter, head over to Sensei Katana...

I wonder how she'll be received in Kenya?


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