Monday 4 February 2008

Reading today - Web 2.0, 4 Rifles, doctors and 'operationalising independent variables'

It's all rather quiet on the blogging front. Maybe the bloggers have joined the other 300,000 people in the UK who call in sick on the first Monday in February.

Admittedly, I've cut my searching time for today because I have lots of 'methods' reading to do. (It's as exciting as it sounds). Here's a few links for lunchtime:
  • The BBC Pronunciation Unit tells us how to say Web 2.0 without making a fool of ourselves. Nobody in their right mind would call it 'Web two dot zero', would they?
  • Michael Yon delivers Part VII of his series covering 4 Rifles in Basra last year. (Michael's website is down at the time of writing.)


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