Monday 25 February 2008


  • For those of you interested in the progress of this Freedom of Information request, I did receive a reply from the Ministry of Defence on the 8th February. Though the response was fairly lengthy, a couple of aspects of my request were not really dealt with because the information I was looking for was not held 'centrally'.
  • I'm still hoping to find this information at a more local level, but have not yet had a reply to my email asking exactly where I can access the data I asked for. I'm hoping to reveal my 'findings' - they're not very exciting - at some point.
CNN Sack Blogging Producer
  • CNN's press office just haven't replied to my email about the sacking of a CNN producer for keeping a blog. But they did talk to the New York Times:
'Barbara Levin, a spokeswoman for CNN, said she could not discuss specifics because the network does not comment on personnel matters, but she said in a statement, “CNN has a policy that says employees must first get permission to write for a non-CNN outlet.”'
  • Rather intriguingly the man who fired Chez Pazienza has just resigned.


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