Wednesday 23 July 2008

Am I the only who is confused about Karadzic?

Last night, I watched the BBC Ten O'Clock News which seemed to suggest that a few people in Serbia may possibly have known where Karadzic was hiding but that most people were fooled by that exceptional beard. (I was. He could have been anyone under there. In fact, the Serbs can probably count themselves unfortunate that they didn't unearth Mladic and Bin Laden under the same beard. Somebody should check before he shaves it off.)

But anyway, Robin Lustig, of Radio 4's World Tonight programnme paid the guy a visit in 1996. He claims that tracking him down was rather straightforward:

"The fiction in 1996 was that no one knew where he was. The reality was that within a couple of days of arriving in Sarajevo, I'd been handed a piece of paper with a scribbled map on it, showing the precise location of the house where he was living, in Pale, in the hills outside the Bosnian capital.

As I made my way to the house, I stopped several times along the way to ask directions. "Excuse me, is this the way to Radovan Karadzic's house?" Everyone was very kind and gave me directions, even the Ghanaian officers at the UN police post just a couple of hundred metres from the house."

I have two questions then really (not including the title, which you're also more than welcome to answer):

1. How come the narratives of Robin Lustig and the Ten O'Clock seem so out of sync?

2. And did Robin Lustig ever think about passing over the 'scribbled map' to a relevant authority?


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