Tuesday 8 July 2008

Blogging (barely) in the BBC Trust Report

The BBC Trust report is published today. I trawled through...I say 'trawled' - I mean I stuck 'blog' into Acrobat's search see what I could find.

Mentions of 'blog' were scarce and only nine instances of 'blog' were found in total.
  • Blue Peter: "We’re attracting new and younger audiences through these sites and making it possible for them to take our content and embed it in their own blogs and social network profiles."
  • Five Live Breakfast: "The show’s blog took audience interaction in a new direction. Across the output we used material from listeners for special NHS and Education days – just two examples of how the continued growth of audience interactivity resulted in more listener-originated, and original, stories on air last year than ever before. We will continue to explore more opportunities to do this."
  • And (on a similar theme) identified as a priority for Radio Five Live: "Expand use of user-generated Content. The station’s Audience Team continues to get a high number of stories and guests to air. The breakfast show blog provided material from listeners for special NHS and Education days."
  • Sport: "The year also marked the rise of the blog. Editors’ and contributors’ comments sparked new levels of debate. For example, Tom Fordyce’s and Ben Dir’s blog account of their campervan journey though France during the Rugby World Cup broke all records, with around 10 million page views. Blogs are one of the ways in which BBC Sport provides a more joined-up offering across all platforms in our coverage of events like the Cricket World Cup and the Rugby World Cup."
  • Test Match Special: "We provided complete coverage of England’s internationals at home and abroad. The Test Match Special Blog is consistently the most popular blog on"
  • Engaging with Audiences: "Millions of people have a face-to-face experience with us every year, and millions more phone, text, write, email, send us their photos and videos, or post on one of our many blogs. We are committed to doing our best to make each of those contacts a positive experience."


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