Tuesday 22 July 2008

Prost(r)ate cancer on the Today programme

I don't normally do politics so I'm quite surprised Nick Robinson is making another appearance in the blog. But this one's just a bit of fun really.

This morning Nick was presenting Radio 4's Today programme, and he'd got a nice interview about prostate cancer to do. Unfortunately, Nick spent the interview referring to prostrate cancer, which really isn't the same thing at all. Here's the audio.

Nick rather sheepishly managed to see the funny side. See the blog post and the post mortem.

It seems to me that covering prostate cancer is something of a journalistic curse. When I was an MA student, somebody wanted to do a vox pop on prostate cancer, (though for the life of me now, I can't think why. A vox - on prostate cancer? Any ideas!?)

But anyway, my colleague was already to set off but just before she did she wanted to check with our editor for the day about what sort of voices they wanted.

And fortunately during this conversation it became apparent that she hadn't realised that prostate cancer is one of those male only diseases.

If it weren't for this, she would have spent the next hour trawling round town with her microphone asking women about prostate cancer and wondering why she was getting some rather bemused responses.

Which would have been rather embarrassing to say the least.


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