Wednesday 30 July 2008

Twitter - I'm going to carry on writing about it. Sorry.

Jemima Kiss, at the Guardian, has just written a post telling people to get over Twitter breaking major news stories and beating other media. I agree. Though I bet there are hundreds of journos out there who have no idea what it is - easy to forget when you're living and working in a digital bubble.

But she does also say that 'the interesting phenomenon is that because this communication is public, it can be used as a source'. Which, I think, has actually been much less explored.

So I've been covering how Twitter might have been used by journalists to cover the Bangalore blasts in a series of posts on the Frontline blog. It's a little case study.

Part One is on the use of Twitter as to find eyewitness accounts and online reportage

Part Two is on verification

Part Three will be coming tomorrow: Does Twitter 'hype' the news?

But if I'm boring you: Stick '"Daniel Bennett" King's College London' into new search engine,, and it'll find you some completely unrelated information about "mating cell integrity". You might find this more interesting than my ramblings about Twitter.


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