Monday 14 July 2008

Links for today: The cost of the BBC's 'Breathing' sculpture etc

The Breathing Sculpture was unveiled last month to commemorate journalists who have been killed while reporting in the name of freedom and democracy. It's part of a building project at the BBC's Broadcasting House.

A Mr Hodges wanted to know how much it costed. So he used this useful Freedom of Information website to get the answer he was looking for - at least £889,898.

In the 'other interesting stuff department':
  • The 'oldest' blogger in the world has died in Australia. 108 is pretty old but of course there is no easy way to find out whether this person is actually the oldest blogger in the world. ('Old' blogger doesn't make for such a great headline though.)
  • I want to watch a mini-series on the war in Iraq called Generation Kill. (The website itself looks great and here's the New York Times review). It's produced by HBO - the same people who made the Band of Brothers series. Unfortunately I haven't worked out how to watch this in the UK. Any suggestions gratefully received....


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