Monday 7 July 2008

Links for today: BBC shows shooting and blogging bits and pieces

  • 'The BBC' (speaking, I imagine, with one booming voice) decides to apologise for the decision to show the shooting of the man driving the bulldozer on the Jaffa Road in Israel. Hussan Dwyatt killed three people in the incident and injured dozens more, before he was shot by Israeli police.
  • The announcement must have been a blow to the programme's editor Craig Oliver who had already written a blog post justifying his editorial decision to show the moment of death.
  • A commenter called 'the magic monkey' makes an interesting point on the matter here:
"The Guardian's media section reported today that the BBC received 61 complaints [now double that figure at 120 but the point stands]. I think the 10 o'clock news gets something like 5 million viewers a night. Why are the complaints of the usual tiny minority always taken so seriously? Clearly roughly 4,999,959 viewers were mature enough to handle this clip which was a lot less disturbing than what many countries would think perfectly normal to show at any time of day."
  • Just how many people need to complain before action is taken by the BBC? Is it 10, 20, 30?
In other blogging news:
  • Here's an interview with Nasim Fekrat, arguably Afghanistan's leading blogger/free-press campaigner.
  • The Kurds have stopped blogging. Global Voices asks why.


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